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Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer: Generosity in Love

April 17, 2014

Venus LIbra Sagittarius Jupiter loveOne of the most sparkling alignments occurs this Thursday/Friday, as Venus and Jupiter form a supportive trine.

Both planets are in the signs of their exaltations - Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. This means you have access to the most aspirational and potentially positive qualities of both planets.

In many traditional forms of astrology, Venus and Jupiter are considered benefic, or favourable,  and this is especially so when they are in their happy places (signs they rule, or the ones in which they are exalted). Venus and Jupiter are considered hot and moist, (sanguine) which are the ideal conditions for growth. Read more…

Aries Sun/South Node: Release

April 16, 2014
'Bronze' Sun

‘Bronze’ Sun

The Sun makes its annual pass over the South node now, activating a release energy.

This 24 – 48 hour window occurs once a year. The South Node represents depletion, endings or things being let go.

While physical energy may be low, this is a great pairing for de-cluttering, release or generally making peace with the past.

An old issue may reappear, so you can revisit it, reclaim something lost and then let it go. Read more…

Week Ahead Astrology: April 12 – 18

April 12, 2014

planetsThis week is one of the most activated in a long while. It brings the Libra Lunar eclipse and a bunch of Mercury aspects.

It’s also an important week in both the Catholic and Jewish faith, with Palm Sunday highlighting the lead in to Easter, and the start of Passover.

It’s not for nothing everything seems to happen at once! Many traditional religious festivals are based on lunar timing. Read more…

Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

April 12, 2014


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 26 degrees Libra

Astrology follows the ‘as above, so below’ paradigm, so as this eclipse tugs at the four corners of the heavens, life will pull you in four different directions too.

A tight Mercury/Uranus conjunction demands you act on unconventional but innovative ideas.

The Moon and Mars together in Libra fly the flag for peace, Read more…

Poetry and Pisces

April 11, 2014

Pisces SymbolonVenus unites with Neptune in the soulful sign of Pisces.

Fittingly, I have various snippets of poetry floating in my head.

It’s been a long day of writing and while I long for bed

These words must be set free, before I rest my head.

(Let’s call that spontaneous flowing words and carry on!)

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” Read more…

Mercury in Aries: Bold Communication

April 7, 2014

Mercury Gemini SymbolonMercury adopts his most forthright attitude as he moves through Aries between April 7 – 23.

Since Mercury rules communication, this can be a time when conversations are direct and to the point, or when you may notice extra cases of ‘foot in mouth’ disease.

It’s great to be honest, but since Aries is ruled by Mars, speech or communication may have a sharp edge through this period.

If you’re normally outspoken, take care not to intimate others. If you’re normally soft spoken, this energy can help you be more  assertive. Aries is a ‘half voiced’ sign, so words can be heard, but with effort.

Essentially, Mercury in Aries is about asking for what you want, and standing up for your ideas. Read more…

Your Story: The Power of Narrative

April 3, 2014

BooksSince rediscovering the library, I’ve been reading a more broad range of books. Books I wouldn’t necessarily buy are easy to borrow – after all, doing so costs nothing and if I don’t like it or don’t finish it, I simply return the book and am none the poorer.

Recently I had a reading week. It’s not quite the same as getting ready for uni exams, but in the life of a writer, perhaps somewhat similar. See, reading feeds writing so when I have extra writing projects on, I always stock up on extra reading material.

In this one week, I burned through three different non fiction books. (Yes, I am a fairly fast reader. Do I always remember what I read? Not at all. But I enjoy it at the time!)

- The Astronaut Wives Club
- A Sippy Cup of Chemo
- Impossible Odds

All very different, all equally engaging. Reading such a variety of real life stories reminded me of the power of story telling.

Much of my job as a consulting astrologer involves the privilege of sharing story – your story. Life is a story, and the stories you tell yourself change over time. Think about a recent event. Read more…


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