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New Blog!

February 4, 2016

Just a little reminder I am now online over at – pop over there for all my latest astrology insights.

New posts

May 28, 2014

Star Circle MosaicA quick note to let you know of some of the recent posts over at the new blog!

–  Featured Signs in 2015: Leo + Virgo

Gemini New Moon

Astrology Books: Your Recommendations


New website!

May 26, 2014

Kelly's Astrology new bannerHi There Loyal Blog followers,

I wanted to thank you for your support since I started dabbling with wordpress so many moons ago.

The time has come for a new look and my fab web designer gal has created a beautiful new site – which has all your old, favourite content – over at

This is where I’ll be loading new posts going forward (like this one, Moon planning for late May) so please do come visit me online in my new home here.

Over the next few months this blog will be wound down.

Wishing you a stellar day!

K xo

Moving On: Mars Station Direct in Libra

May 20, 2014

mars-libra-380x235  Action planet Mars ends his retrograde by Tuesday May 20. If you’ve been particularly tested, challenged or frustrated since early March (when the Mars retrograde started) you’ll find this a welcome change.

Personally, I am counting the hours! Mars retrogrades can highlight a period where a specific issue or topic is highlighted, in a way that asks you to make improvements, but oh-so-slowly.

Delays will start to resolve, and you may finally feel as though the wheels are turning again. Read more…

Capricorn Moon: Being Real

May 19, 2014

The MoSaturn Capricornon is in Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn. This means it’s one of those 48 hour windows that’s all about being practical, grounded and focussing on reality.

It’s the middle of a long weekend here in Canada, but I’m in my office, catching up on work. (Which is not a bad thing – as someone who is self employed, I often work weird hours, and am always happy to have work to do!!)

Work is a classic Capricorn thing, which highlights ambition, as well as what needs to be done. If you’ve been avoiding a deadline, or making a decision, this earthy energy might bring you clarity, or help you set clear guidelines. Read more…

Scorpio Full Moon Extra: Meaning, Motivation + Mystery

May 15, 2014

Phoenix Symbolon  The Full Moon in Scorpio is ruled by (currently retrograde) Mars in Libra.

Every Full Moon brings insight, illumination and revelation, but especially this one, as it occurs in the deep and probing sign of Scorpio.

Things that are normally kept secret come into the light.

Under the cosmic spotlight that is the Full Moon, some of the more mysterious, murky and powerful parts of life are illuminated. Truths are revealed, and motivation – yours or others – will become clear. It’s possible to lift the proverbial veil and see what lies beneath the surface. Read more…

Planet Tracks – May

May 14, 2014

Star Circle MosaicA quick run down of which planet is where this month!

May Planet Tracks:

Mercury in Gemini, May 7 – 29

Mercury in Cancer, May 29 – June 17

Venus in Aries, May 3 – 29

Venus in Taurus, May 29 – June 23

Mars direct in Libra, May 19


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