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Gemini, Saturn in the 5th House of Creativity and Children, 2010 – 2010

April 22, 2010

Gemini Mosaic

From the WellBeing Astrology Guide 2010

Art becomes a labour of love in 2010 as serious Saturn settles into his stay in your fifth house of creativity and children.  Saturn’s 29 yr cycle brings him into this sector for 2.5 years out of every 29; 2010 and 2011 are defining years in your creative process.  Relationships with children also demand more maturity and responsibility as you seek to manifest more of your creative energy.  

You have a break from April 8 – July 22 (as Saturn backtracks into your fourth zone and Virgo); otherwise 2010 is a year in which effort leads to results in your quest to live a more playful, fun and inspiring life.  Light heartedness requires commitment; which may sound like a contradiction.  Instead view it as a requirement of pleasure that you commit time and resources to the pursuit of enjoyment rather than success or achievement.  Relaxing and getting in touch with your creative muses won’t happen spontaneously, so periodically make time to nurture your artistic self.  

Boulder Blooms

Whether you enjoy writing, reading, baking, art shows or performance theatre you need to be responsible for how much fun you have.  You are more than ready to commit to a path of creative expression.  Supporting your continued emergence as a soul enjoying the human experience is simpler if you make having fun and getting creative a regular part of life this year.  Children and young people act as muses, reminding you of the innocence of youth, helping you recapture a little healthy naivety for yourself.

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