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Jackie O: Scorpio Rising

September 16, 2011

 Tapes recorded by Jackie O in the months after JFK’s death have recently been published by her daughter, Caroline.

A quote from this coverage stood out for me, a reference to Jackie O being ‘an astute observer’.

Looking at her astrology chart, we can see this observing quality in her Scorpio Ascendant, a combination known for helping people take a step back, and notice everything – at all levels – occurring around them.

I often describe this placement as a bit of a bulls*** detector, to speak frankly, as it’s a rare occasion that a Scorpio Rising person gets the wool pulled over their eyes.

Those of you who work with fixed stars, will noticed the proximity of Jackie O’s MC or career point to the star associated with fame and royalty – Regulus.

Other astro points of note include the MC ruler, the Sun, in the 9th House – reflecting Jackie’s career post White House in publishing.

Jackie O was widowed twice, which may be a reflection of her 7th House ruling planet, Venus, being placed in the dual sign of Gemini right on the 8th House cusp – the 8th House of course being the part of the chart to do with death.

What are your thoughts on Jackie O’s chart and her life as viewed through it?

You can read more about the tapes themselves at The Daily Beast here

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  1. Cathy permalink
    September 16, 2011 6:43 am

    Thanks for this post, Kelly. I don’t know much about Jackie but an oral history snapshot might shed light on her nodal axis which is stationary over her asd/dsc axis. It does sound like she had that split between the dark sides/egos she saw all around her (south node in Scorpio conjunct the 1st) as well as finding new expression in being a spouse (north node conjunct 7th house cusp). As always with the nodes, its often easier to detect the default setting of the south, but interesting to ferret out whether the person managed to integrate the spiritual gold of the north. Interesting too that Chiron is so close to her north node. It’s probably outside of the orb but she may have had an acute sensitivity to the wounded or disenfranchised sides of her spouses. Or, because Chiron is in the 6th, was it more to do with health and co-workers? The oral history may reveal that.

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