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Adele: Larger than life Taurus

October 19, 2011

A recent interview with Adele describing the 2012 Grammy’s as a career ‘pinch me’ moment.

 I have to confess, I was late to the Adele party. My close friends will tell you I’m a slow adopter of just about anything, (best not to ask what kind of mobile phone I use!), but in finally finding Adele I’ve discovered a new addiction.

Given her appearance (curvaceous) and her pipes (solid and strong) my astro antenna immediately thought ‘Taurus’. And so off I scuttled to see what bio information was available.

Like many famous faces, Adele’s birth time isn’t widely available, and for the purposes of this exercise I’ve used a dummy time to create a chart for her date of birth. In these instances, you’d ignore the houses, including the ascendant and MC, instead focussing on the planetary patterns.

Adele is not just any Taurus – she’s an OTT kind of Taurus due to the placement of Jupiter, also in Taurus conjunct the Sun.

Jupiter spends about 12 months every 12 years in each sign; the Sun spends 30 days in each sign annually. Put the two together and you get a potential 30 day window every 12 years where the Sun and Jupiter are both in Taurus.

But, when working with aspects, you’re not just looking for planets to be in the sign, but relatively close by each other. In this case, you get about a 2 – 4 day window every 12 years, where the Sun and Jupiter combine in Taurus. Adele was born in that 2 – 4 day window.

Astro tip – Even though you share a Sun sign with someone, other planet influences can create unique qualities only relevant for you.

Jupiter conjunct the Sun adds a larger-than-life, sometimes OTT quality to your personality. The desire to imprint the self – the Sun – on the world around you is huge. Given Adele’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction falls in Taurus, sign of the throat and vocal chords, it’s no surprise that singing is how she’s expressing this expansive Sun/Jupiter energy.

But that’s not all. Adele was born at a time when Pluto was passing through Scorpio, the sign opposite Taurus, a once in 248 year event in play between 1983 – 1995.  At the time Adele was born, the Sun in Taurus was directly opposite Pluto, setting up an intense, large and persuasive energy dynamic that expresses itself through the Sun – symbolic of identity – in Adele’s astrology.

(For the astro fanatics, any Taurus born between 1983 – 1995 *may* have the Sun opposite Pluto, depending on whether they were an April or May Taurus.)

This rare Sun/Jupiter conjunction opposite Pluto combination gives Adele depth, intensity and a huge desire for intimacy. As Jupiter and Pluto are in opposition in her chart, this will at times manifest as a struggle which demands a lot of her. Hence the lyrics to ‘Someone like you’.

Like many people born with Sun/Pluto aspects, Adele will periodically step out of life and vanish, as if dancing with Hades in the underworld, before being reborn in a new way and reconnecting with the wider world.

Since Adele is a Sun/Jupiter person, Jupiter’s cycle will have particular relevance for her, indicating the ages of 11 – 12, 23 – 24, 35 – 36, 47 – 48 and 59 – 60 as key periods. At these ages opportunities come knocking, but balancing physical limits with exciting growth will be her challenge then.

Other astro features for Adele:
* Mercury and Venus in Gemini (possible connection to smoking)
* Mars in Aquarius (so all three personal planets are in air signs highlighting communication)
* Moon is probably in Sagittarius but without a birth time could be in Capricorn. Moon Phase is late Full or early Disseminating.
* Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in Capricorn

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  1. February 1, 2012 3:15 am

    NB – Jupiter began energising Taurus from mid 2011, a year in which Adele’s album 21 was named album of the year by Rolling Stone ( lovely Jupiter bounty for her there.

    However, Adele’s Jupiter return doesn’t technically occur until early April 2012, so it’ll be interesting to see what added growth Jupiter brings her way then.

  2. March 17, 2012 9:33 am

    Hey Kelly!
    I was trying to find Adele’s birth chart also but it seems no one has her exactly birth time.
    The reason I am seeking that it is because I was born exactly one week after her so I also have this Sun conjuction Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Gemini, crazy Mars in Aquarius and the rest of the planets are the same, except the Moon of course.
    I may be wrong but I guess her ASC is the same as mine: Taurus.I tell that because of her appearance, Venus rulling the 1 and the 6,Mercury rulling the 5 and the 2 and Mars at the MC rulling the 12 and 7. Considering all the love sorrow she shows in her 21 album songs apparentely she live the opposition Venus-Saturn 2/8 as I also lived some years ago.
    Anyway, I’m telling you this all because last night I’ve dreammed that I’ve found her in a restaurante and I asked her to give me her birth time because I’m an astrologer and she told me she didn’t know but as soon as she knows she would send me an email! haha
    Congratulations for you blog, I wish you could see mine but it is in Portuguese my birth language.

  3. March 18, 2012 2:09 am

    Hi Poema! Thanks for your lovely email. Yes it doesn’t appear that Adele’s birth time has been publicised as yet, so we are all working with educated guesses.
    I personally have Mars in Aquarius and love the off beat energy it provides.
    You sound like you have lots of air in your chart, with all that Gemini. May your blog prove to be a successful vehicle for expressing your ideas!

  4. April 29, 2013 1:31 pm

    Her time of birth would be 3.02am according to astrotheme :)

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