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Aquarius Moon square Saturn in Scorpio

January 4, 2014

Saturn CapricornOver the next few hours the Aquarius Moon will square off to task master Saturn.

I notice this aspect as I sit at my desk, with three different projects to juggle and the feeling that time is running out! Deadlines indeed.

Saturn does require work. This means he is often feared simply because he won’t let you get away with cutting corners.

Planning, preparation and careful choices are Saturn’s territory. The funny thing is, the more we do these, the less of a concern deadlines can be! (Note to self……)

For more on Saturn’s cycle through Scorpio grab my eBook.

I left a couple of things over the break and am now playing catch up as a result.

I know it’s still holiday time for many, and the end of the work week for some, but this Moon/Saturn aspect feels more like hard work, or a deadline or commitment that can be moved. (Like Monday morning rather than Friday night/Saturday!)

I do note though the mixed reception between the Moon (in Saturn’s sign) and Saturn (in the sign of the Moon’s detriment). There are certainly mixed feelings, but perhaps a little push can create something substantial, lasting or solid.

The Moon is also in the budding crescent phase, which may indicate the initial effort required to get something new started/moving.

How are you feeling this energy?

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